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Delhi court issues death warrant to 4 guilty in Nirbhaya case, to be hanged on 22nd Jan

A Delhi Court released the death warrant for the four convicts in the Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case of 2012. The hanging of the four convicts will take place on the 22nd of January at 7 AM. A review petition was filed by one of the four convicts against the death penalty given to him by the Supreme Court in its 2017 verdict but the victim’s mother challenged the plea and the Supreme Court rejected the review. After which the victim’s family requested a lower court to release the death warrant, which was released today. Src: https://bit.ly/2FoIfpl

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NASA finds earth-size exoplanet 101.5 light years away, can host stable liquid water

NASA’s planet-hunter satellite named TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) for the first time after its launch has found an exoplanet which is 101.5 light-years away from the earth and 20 % larger than the size of the earth. The exoplanet is named TOI 700d and according to the scientist, it is orbiting around its host star TOI 700 in a habitable zone due to which it can accommodate stable liquid water. Src: https://bit.ly/2N3WHai

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52.72 lakh missed calls received on CAA no. from verifiable phones, says Amit Shah

Recently the BJP leader and Union Minister Amit Shah have claimed that as many as 52,72,000 missed calls have been received on the special toll-free number (No. 8866288662) in support of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act from verifiable phone numbers. Taking his claim further, Amit Shah said that a total of 68 lakh calls were received on the number. Src: https://bit.ly/2ZUynNk

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Children out of citizens’ register won’t be sent to detention centers: Attorney General

The children who have not made to the Assam Citizens’ register but their parents have, will not be sent to the detention centers, as promised by the Attorney General of the Central Government, KK Venugopal, to the Supreme Court. The development came after the hearing of a request filed in the apex court by a non-profit organization that complained that around 60 children were sent to the detention centers in Assam because they were not able to clear the citizenship test. Src: https://bit.ly/2QrD0LF

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