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Lawyers shut courts demanding the arrest of Delhi Police Protesters

An 11-hour protest was witnessed yesterday by policemen in disagreement of the current scenario between lawyers and Delhi police. Lawyers at Patiala House and Saket district court closed the gates and did not allow people to access the court premises whereas another lawyer climbed on the roof threatening of suicide. The clash between lawyers and police seems to rise whereas, Delhi Police chief Amulya Patnaik met the Lieutenant Governor, who is the Centre's representative in Delhi for a solution to this matter. Src: https://bit.ly/34BmoFy

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Drone mounted lasers revealed the details of an ancient architecture settlement

Archaeologists of Florida used aerial drones with light detection and ranging (Lidar) sensors – to create detailed 3D maps of the surface of Raleigh Island. Archaeological objects were first spotted on the island in 1990 but land-based surveys were not being sufficient because of limited access and road blockages. Drone-mounted Lidar scanner was capable of research by penetrating through gaps in the thick forest. Src: https://bit.ly/2PSjFmZ


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In spite of the whistle-blower distraction, Infosys manages to get large deals

Infosys Ltd., Asia’s second-largest software exporter, was slammed by a whistle-blower's allegation against its CEO - Salil Parekh for using 'unethical practices'. Chairman of Infosys Nandan Nilekani said that despite the allegation the company has completely focused on the business and the customers have been very supportive. The company’s shares rose 2.6% to 714.2 rupees, poised for the highest close since October 18, in noon trade. Src:https://bit.ly/34y2kUD

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Muslim women in China are forced to share beds with male Chinese government officials

According to some human rights activists and organizations the Chinese government has detained more than a million of Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region, most of which are men. The ones who are not detained face a strict surveillance. The wives of the detained men are forced to share beds with the male government officials who are appointed to keep an eye on them. The Chinese government has appointed thousands of spies in the homes of Uighur families what it describes as ‘pair up’ and become families to encourage cultural harmony. Src: https://bit.ly/2pCkiXr

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