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"Will never forgive Pragya Thakur for insulting Bapu" - PM Modi

PM Modi in an interview said "The statements given by Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur on Gandhi Ji or Godse are very bad and wrong for the society. Though she apologised I will never forgive her". Modi's statement came after Congress leader Kapil Sibal questioned PM Modi's silence on Sadhvi Pragya's remarks on Godse.

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"Only PM Modi has the right to hold rallies and meeting?" - Mamata Banerjee asks EC

Mamata Banerjee, while expressing her disappointment over the EC's decision asks "Does PM holds the privilege to hold rallies and meetings in the state, nobody else? Did he encounter any security issue? Then why EC has stopped us from holding meetings? PM Modi's rally was four kilometres away. For what reason do they think only PM security is important and not others? Why did they stop the election campaign? What do they think, whatever the EC says, that'll happen? Don't we have any right to hold meetings in this country?

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"Would you consider applying sedition law against Pragya?" - Owaisi asks Rajnath Singh over Pragya Thakur's 'true patriot' remark on Godse

AIMIM chief Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi, in a series of tweets, wrote, "Rajnath Singh you've promised that if you come back to power sedition law will be strengthened. Is insulting Gandhi and glorifying his murderer sedition? Or is sedition law reserved only for minorities, Adivasis, Dalits & university students? Congress maintaining law and order is still your responsibility in Madhya Pradesh. Since your government has no second thoughts in applying the National Security Act, would you consider applying it against Pragya? Or is that also reversed only for minorities, Adivasis, Dalit & university students?

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"My wife would never lie" - Navjot Singh Sidhu replies Amarinder Singh

Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu backing his wife Navjot Kaur asserted, "My wife has the courage and the moral authority that she would never lie". Sidhu commented after when Captain Amarinder Singh rejected the claim by saying that Navjot Kaur was offered the chance to contest from the holy city but she refused.

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