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Where do you stand on the allegation made by AAP on Gautam Gambhir over derogatory posters?

BJP's candidate Gautam Gambhir send a defamation notice to Atishi over the allegation by her that Gautam Gambhir had distributed lakhs of pamphlets that questioned her morals and were full of very objectionable and deeply offensive remarks about her in the constituency.

I stand with Gautam Gambhir


I stand with Atishi


13 Students secures 499/500 in 10th CBSE boards.

The 10 CBSE results were announced today in which 13 students around India have scored 499 out of 500 marks in 10th CBSE board exam. Out of 13, 7 students are boys and 6 students are girls to score 499/500 marks. Overall around 91.1% students have passed the examination.


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A man comes to cast vote after performing last rites of his father.

A resident of Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur came to cast vote after performing last rites of his father. This man has set an example of being a responsible citizen, who even during difficult times came to exercise his democratic right.


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Brave Police Man drags cylinder out from the burning house to prevent bigger damage.

Sub Inspector Akhilesh Kumar Dixit became an example of bravery and valour after he dragged a filled cylinder from a burning house in Noida to protect the house from bigger damage. “After giving a thought to the situation, SI Akhilesh Kumar Dixit quickly arranged a blanket from a neighbouring house. He then covered his body with the blanket and barged into the house and came back with the cylinders, preventing any bigger damage.” Samresh Singh, SHO Dankaur.


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