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Vikas Awasthi stand with @UttarPradeshPolice @VikasAwasthi 28 Jul 2019 At 01:13 PM

Uttar Pradesh: The Police team transferred after showing off Guns in TikTok video

On Saturday the SWAT team of Basti Police was allocated transfer after showing off their official guns in a TikTok Video. After the video hit to the internet, it went viral instantly. According to the available information, It was also known that the mater will be under investigation as of now. With the official ID over twitter, the UP Police also said, “We do not sanction unprofessional display of weapons & grotesque caricaturing of Police.” Src: https://bit.ly/2ZgWSDo

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Vikas Awasthi reacted Sad @VikasAwasthi 12 Jul 2019 At 04:20 PM

Uttar Pradesh: Foreigners detained under 'Operation Clean 10' escape police custody

In Uttar Pradesh's Meerut region, out of 60 detained foreigners, few managed to escape from police custody. These foreigners were detained by the Uttar Pradesh police under 'Operation Clean 10'. The police officer stated that due to the carelessness of the guard, few foreigners managed to escape. However, we have managed to nab some of them. The officer further said that action is being taken against the police personnel and the department will take solid action against the escaped foreigners. Operation Clean 10 is being operated by the UP Police to observe foreigners who are living in the NCR without legal documentation or are engaged with the crime. Src: https://bit.ly/32nKdQX


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Vikas Awasthi doesn't stand with @RPF @VikasAwasthi 12 Jul 2019 At 04:20 PM
Vikas Awasthi stand with @BiancaDalwadi @VikasAwasthi 12 Jul 2019 At 04:20 PM

Ahmedabadi girl becomes the Youngest Oracle Java Developer, enters India Book of Records 2019

Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani greeted Bianca Chetanbhai Dalwadi, a 9-year-old girl who created history by getting her name listed in the India Book of Records 2019 after becoming the World's Youngest Kid to clear JAVA SE6 Certification Exam. Bianca had also cleared the JAVA Certification Exam with 85 percent in just 15 minutes when she was 7-year-old. Src: https://bit.ly/2JtcaPQ