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"A notice may issue on Navjot Singh over his remark 'united Muslim vote" - Election Commission

The Election Commission is set to issue a notice to Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu over his reported appeal to Muslims in Bihar to vote en-bloc to defeat Narendra Modi. District authorities in Katihar on Tuesday lodged an FIR against Sidhu for his remarks in which he allegedly warned the Muslim community that efforts were on to divide their votes in Bihar.

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Bihar Deputy CM files Defamation case against Rahul Gandhi over “all thieves have Modi surname” statement: Sushil Modi

Sushil Modi, Deputy CM of Bihar lodged a defamation case against Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Patna Civil Court over his remark, “all thieves shared Modi surname”. He said, “I have registered a defamation suit against Congress President Rahul Gandhi. In an affidavit, I have stated that Rahul Gandhi has called all Modis thieves which had hurt the sentiments of people. Besides, it has also hurt the watchman of Bihar”.

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Congress was ready for an alliance in Delhi, but AAP discussed other states. Cong is ready to fight on all seats of AAP: Congress leader

Congress leader PC Chacko told to the media that AAP took back the decision of an alliance with Congress even after a final talk on seat sharing pact was discussed. The leader asserted that now the Congress party is ready to fight in Delhi on all seats of AAP. Chacko claimed, “I had a discussion with AAP leader Sanjay Singh and we decided on a 3:4 formula. That was finally decided but later AAP discussed some other states”.

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"Defeating BJP-AGP alliance means victory for Assam Accord" - Congress

Former CM Harish Rawat said that the BJP promised to bring back the Bill if it comes to power by going against the spirit of the Accord. Further, he said "The passage of the bill means nullifying the Assam Accord. The bill is also going to nullify the very purpose of updating the National Register of Citizens". Rawat adds by saying "Congress feels proud to be a part of the process of signing the Accord. It is very astonishing that despite the leaders of the AGP being at the forefront of the anti-foreigner movement forged the alliance with the BJP that promised to bring back the bill".

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