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Gurugram: A scooter rider fined Rs 23,000 under the new amended Motor Vehicles Act

In Gurugram, a two-wheeler user (Mr. Madan) has been handed a challan of Rs 23,000 for violating multiple traffic rules, which are driving without a licence, without registration certificate, no third-party insurance, no pollution certificate, and without a helmet. However, Mr. Madan was let go with the lesser penalty than what it would have been occurred as per the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019. As per the new bill, fines for the above-mentioned offenses would have been Rs 10,000 for no pollution certificate, Rs 5,000 for no driving licence, Rs 10,000 for not having a registration certificate, Rs 4,000 for no third-party insurance, and Rs 10,000 for driving without a helmet (Total of Rs 30,000). This comes after the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019 came into effect from September 1. Src: https://bit.ly/2lVZlEy

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New Delhi: Social Media demands justice for Harsh and Madhav following parking dispute in Amity

Recently, an incident is taking over all social media platforms and netizens are sharing their views on it and support in favor of the victims. On August 28, four Amity students were booked by Noida police for allegedly assaulting a group of other students in and outside the Amity college campus in sector 125. According to police sources, one of the complainants Harsh Yadav stated that while he was parking his car outside the campus, a girl in her car came and parked her car in the middle of the road. When he asked to move her car, she started arguing, abusing, and threatening him. The victims alleged that later a group of boys (friends of the girl) came and assaulted them inside and outside the campus as well, after which they approached the police. As per media reports, Madhav and Harsh are still in critical condition in the hospital. Madhav is in the ICU due to internal bleeding. Demanding justice for them, netizens have taken to social media seeking the arrest of the lady, because of whom Madhav Chaudhary and Harsh Yadav are in hospital. Src: https://bit.ly/2lv7BuU

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We will not tolerate any injustice against Azam Khan: Mulayam defends Azam Khan in land grab cases

Samajwadi Party founder and former Uttar Pradesh CM Mulayam Singh Yadav defended his party MP Azam Khan in the cases registered against Khan regarding Mohammad Ali Jauhar University. Yadav expressed, "We will not tolerate any injustice against Azam Khan. He has committed no wrong". Yadav further asserted that there are a few BJP leaders who have stated that whatever is happening to Azam Khan isn’t right. He urged the media to write against the injustice being done with Khan and included that if required the party will meet the PM as well. At least 25 FIRs have been registered against Azam Khan, who is the chancellor of the Jauhar University, Rampur. Src: https://bit.ly/2lY4Dzv

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Ranchi: Decomposed bodies of woman and daughter is found from house tank

Police officials have recently recovered decomposed bodies of a 26-year-old woman and her 5-year-old daughter from the soak pit tank of the house. As per the preliminary reports, Samim, the deceased woman’s live-in partner is the primary suspect. The elder sister of the victim, Panchmi have stated that Samim told that Rekha (the victim) and her daughter had permanently left for their village. Two days later, Samim too has left the house. When I went to her house to clean the premises, I encountered a foul smell emanating from the house. We then informed the police." Src: https://bit.ly/2kd2O13

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