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Mercedes-Benz announced to go carbon neutral by 2039

Recently Mercedes-Benz has claimed that its cars will go carbon neutral by the year 2039. In easier words, Carbon Neutral cars will run over fuel which will neither contribute to nor reduce the amount of carbon into the atmosphere. At Consumer Electric Show (CES 2020) held in Nevada in the USA, Chairman of the company said that they are stepping forward to reduce the CO2 emission. Src: https://bit.ly/2QuRAC8

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Sony unveils electric concept car named Vision-S at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020

Japanese multinational company Sony unveiled an electric concept car named ‘Vision-S’. Sony President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida took off the covers from Vision-S at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 being held in Las Vegas. The ‘Vision-S' has 33 unique sensors on the exterior and interior, it also has a widescreen display and 360-degree audio. The electronic car is a sedan and has a resemblance to Porsche's design. According to reports, Vision-S was built by Sony's AI and robotics team. Src: https://bit.ly/2ZWV57D

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OnePlus gives a sneak peek of its futuristic 'invisible camera' on a smartphone

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, OnePlus gave a sneak peek into its ConceptOne smartphone, featuring what is labeled an 'invisible camera'. In an official tweet, OnePlus shared a teaser video of the OnePlus ConceptOne smartphone with a triple camera module embedded in a glass back. The design of the model is such that the camera only appears at a certain angle. This was made possible with the color-shifting glass technology used in the OnePlus ConceptOne that basically camouflages the camera. Src: https://bit.ly/2QolBDW

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Google to shut down Xiaomi’s access to Google Assistant

Chinese tech company Xiaomi’s access to Google Assistant is being shut down by Google after evidence of a serious security flaw in its system. Allegedly, a user’s Xiaomi smart security camera started showing images from some other place when asked to stream content from their camera through a Google Nest Hub Assistant. The images showed random people and an infant sleeping. After the incident, Google has entirely disabled Xiaomi access to Google Home and the Google Assistant until Xiaomi solves the problem. Src: https://dailym.ai/2SNACAB

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