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Tabrez Akhtar stand with @YogiAdityanath @TabrezAkhtar 03 Sep 2019 At 11:45 AM

Uttar Pradesh: Yogi Adityanath directs Police to conduct an awareness campaign to curb incidents of mob violence

In Uttar Pradesh's Balrampur district, CM Yogi Adityanath has directed the police officials to conducted an awareness campaign to suppress incidents of mob violence. In this initiative, teams including female officials have been meeting people in villages to spread awareness against rumour-mongering leading to mob violence. A senior police officer stated, "We also have digital volunteers group in every police station. We are also promoting our campaign with the help of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc". He added that the initiative is showing positive results in the district and this type of awareness campaign has been implemented in other districts of the state as well. Src: https://bit.ly/2lwf7Wn

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Tabrez Akhtar stand with @ISRO @TabrezAkhtar 03 Sep 2019 At 11:23 AM

Chandrayaan-2 performs first de-orbiting maneuver: ISRO

Chardrayaan-2 has successfully performed its first de-orbiting maneuver bringing the mission one step closer to landing on the moon. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) expressed that utilising the onboard propulsion system at 08:15 IST, the four-second long maneuver was performed. The agency in its statement said "The orbit of Vikram Lander is 104 km x 128 km. Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter continues to orbit the Moon in the existing orbit and both the Orbiter and Lander are healthy". The next de-orbiting is scheduled between 03:30 and 04:30 IST on September 4. Chandrayaan-2 will be the first Indian expedition to do a soft landing on the lunar surface. Src: https://bit.ly/2lWucAQ

Kudos to @ISRO

Tabrez Akhtar stand with @MovieSaaho @TabrezAkhtar 03 Sep 2019 At 11:31 AM

‘If you steal my work, at least do it properly’: says, the French film director Jérôme Salle to Saaho makers

After the release of Prabhas' new movie, Saaho it was apparent that the movie plot does resemble the set of French Movie, 'Largo Winch'. Jérôme Salle, the director of 'Largo Winch' when came to know about this, he took it to twitter and posted, " It seems this second "freemake" of Largo Winch is as bad as the first one. So please Telugu directors, if you steal my work, at least do it properly? And as my "Indian career" tweet was of course ironic, I'm sorry but I'm not gonna be able to help." Src: https://bit.ly/2lrlBpv

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Tabrez Akhtar reacted Great @TabrezAkhtar 03 Sep 2019 At 11:19 AM

Delhi: Driver reverses the car at high-speed rams into crowd

Recently a video has hit to the internet in which a card driver rammed his sedan card into pedestrians at Old Gupta Colony in Model Town last night. In the video, several people can be seen climbing onto the car to stop the driver from fleeing. A case of causing hurt due to negligence has been registered against the absconding driver. As per the police officials, a case under Sections 279 (rash driving or riding on a public way) and 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others) of the IPC has been registered against the driver." Src: https://bit.ly/2kr6YCi


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