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Feel deeply blessed: L K Advani on Ayodhya Verdict

After the Supreme Court passed the judgment on Ayodhya’s land dispute, Senior BJP leader L K Advani stated that he is feeling blessed and stand with justice on the court’s verdict. He further added that he always stressed that Ram and Ramayana occupy an esteemed place in India’s cultural and civilizational heritage and Ramjanmabhoomi holds a special and sacred place in the hearts of crores of our countrymen in India and abroad. Therefore, it is gratifying that their beliefs and sentiments have been respected. Src: https://bit.ly/34PbxrT

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RCEP trade deal could provide opportunities for India's exports: China

After India pulled out of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) at the last minute, Wang Shouwen- Chinese Vice Commerce Minister, today sought to assure that the world’s biggest free trade deal could provide many opportunities for India’s exports and would help in creating more local jobs. China has joined 14 countries this week by agreeing to the terms for RCEP and will be officially signed next year as planned. Src: https://reut.rs/32kA4mZ

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Twitter faces allegations of casteism in India by some users

Twitter is being alleged for casteism in India by some users. A Supreme Court lawyer alleged Twitter by saying that the platform is diminishing the reach of activists who belong to lower castes and minorities. One user said that the platform hasn’t verified the account of Ministry of Tribal affairs and Ministry of Minority affairs as they support the tribal and minorities. Some users also insisted that the platform should also cancel all the blue ticks in India. In its defense the Twitter said that it doesn’t discriminate the users on the basis of their caste or religion and the platform verifies the accounts which involve in regular public conversations. Src: https://bit.ly/2oR0rTL

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Over 11,000 scientists across the world declare climate emergency

A warning has been released by over 11,000 scientists across the world for the 'untold suffering' due to global warming through a study named, 'World Scientists'. The study clearly lays out the huge challenge of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. It further throws light on the fact that despite 40 years of climate negotiations the world has not changed the manner in which the businesses are conducted and thus have declared a 'climate emergency'. The study also calls for the world to 'implement massive energy efficiency and conservation practices' and cut out fossil fuels in favor of renewable sources of energy. Src: https://bit.ly/36CTXJk


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