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President Ram Nath Kovind rejected mercy plea of Nirbhaya convict Akshay Thakur

Indian President Ram Nath Kovind has recently rejected the mercy petition filed by the Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder convict Akshay Thakur. Earlier, President Kovind had rejected such plea of convicts Mukesh Singh and Vinay Sharma. The convicts were scheduled to be hanged on February 1, however, the Delhi court delayed the execution till further orders. Src: https://bit.ly/2Oy0sps

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Punjab school teacher makes national flag using 71,000 toothpicks

A school teacher Baljinder Singh from Amritsar situated in Punjab has made a national flag using as many as 71,000 toothpicks to mark India's 71st Republic Day. As per the media reports, Baljinder Singh had taken 40 days to achieve the feat. Singh in his words said that he had given a thought about it for a long time and came up with this idea to do something unique. Src: https://bit.ly/2tBRPmy


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KL Rahul donates his Man of the Match cash award to animal dispensary in Chennai

The Indian wicketkeeper-batsman KL Rahul has donated his Man of the Match cash award to Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary (BMAD) in Chennai. As per the media reports, Rahul had won INR 1 lakh and added extra 1 lakh from his wallet and donated it. Animal rights activist Shravan Krishnan has said that KL Rahul always messages him and asks if we need any help and follows every single post of our work. Src: https://bit.ly/3ayH3xU

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A teacher made 8-yr-old to do 450 sit-ups for skipping homework, student gets hospitalized

A private tuition teacher identified as Lata from Maharashtra has been arrested for asking an eight-year-old girl to do as many as 450 sit-ups for not completing her homework. As per the media reports on Friday, the teacher asked the girl, to do 450 sit-ups as punishment for not doing her homework. When the girl returned home from the tuition classes, her mother saw the child was unable to walk and found swelling in both her legs. Earlier last month the teacher had stripped a girl and beaten her with a cane stick for not doing the homework. Src: https://bit.ly/37m1zzQ


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