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Shobhit Mittal reacted Sad @ShobhitMittal 11 May 2019 At 06:39 AM

NASA Shares an image of ’Power Cut’ in Cyclone affected Odisha

The US space agency NASA posted a picture of a power outage in Odisha after ”extremely severe" cyclone Fani hit the state. The pre and post effect on 'electricity' due to cyclone in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack were shown in the images shared by NASA.


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Shobhit Mittal voted "YES" @ShobhitMittal 11 May 2019 At 06:39 AM

Is PM Modi considered a good leader Globally?

TIME Magazine, an Internationally acclaimed magazine did a controversial cover story on Narendra Modi, stating him as ’divider in Chief’. The magazine story accused Modi of failing to abridge the gap between religious divides in India and demeaned other political candidates of the party. The Magazine referred Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath a “hate-mongering priest in robes of saffron”.

Shobhit Mittal voted "I stand with Gautam Gambhir" @ShobhitMittal 11 May 2019 At 06:40 AM

Where do you stand on the allegation made by AAP on Gautam Gambhir over derogatory posters?

BJP's candidate Gautam Gambhir send a defamation notice to Atishi over the allegation by her that Gautam Gambhir had distributed lakhs of pamphlets that questioned her morals and were full of very objectionable and deeply offensive remarks about her in the constituency.

I stand with Gautam Gambhir


I stand with Atishi


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Shobhit Mittal reacted Sad @ShobhitMittal 11 May 2019 At 06:40 AM

Kiara Advani changed her name on Salman Khan’s suggestion

Kiara Advani opened up in a talk show with Anaika Shroff that she changed her name because Salman Khan said so. “Aaliya is my first name. Salman Khan suggested me to change it because of Alia Bhatt because there can’t be two actresses with the same name in Bollywood,” Kiara said. ‘Kiara’ was the name she chose and her parents have also started calling her that now.


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