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Union Education Secretary clarifies; it is just the draft policies

Amid the controversy of three language norm in new education draft policy, Union Education Secretary, R Subramanyam clarified that no policy decision has been taken yet by the government and the government will not impose any language on any educational institutions.


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8 new Ministers inducted in Bihar cabinet

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar added council ministers in his Cabinet. The 8 members belonged from JD(U) party. Refuting the rumours of rift between BJP and JD(U) over ministerial berth in Modi Cabinet, minister Shyam Rajak said, “NDA is intact. People are spreading rumours”.


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Congress demands action against IAS officer who praised Gandhiji’s killer

Congress Spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala asked Maharashtra CM to initiate action against the IAS officer who praised Mahatma Gandhiji’s killer Nathuram Godse.

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Muslim got their share of land: Maharashtra BJP leader hits back at Owaisi’s remark

Maharashtra BJP leader, Madhav Bhandari hitting at Owaisi remark’s on PM Modi, said that Muslims were give their share of land during partition in 1947. He said, “It would be good if Owaisi Sahab speaks before due considerations. No one has called him tenant..but if he talks about share of land then Muslims were given their share during partition in 1947”.

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