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Gujarat makes helmet optional following complaints by angry citizens

Today, the Gujarat govt has decided to make helmets optional in municipal corporations and within municipality limits. However, the people of the state will have to wear a helmet if they are driving on National or State Highways or Village roads. Gujarat minister RC Faldu expressed that numerous complaints by angry citizens forced the govt to reconsider. Numerous individuals wonder why they should wear helmets while going to purchase vegetables. Src: https://bit.ly/2ONWBVO

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Swami Nityananda buys island in Latin America & names it 'Kailaasa'

Self-styled god-man Nityananda who fled away last month has bought a new nation, an island which he named ‘Kailaasa’ and that nation has its own passport. He launched a website where he announced about the nation located in Ecuador in Central Latin America and described it as the greatest Hindu nation and claimed it to be a nation without borders where Hindu can practice their religion. Self-styled god-man is inviting people to become a citizen of his nation and give donation to run it. Src: https://bit.ly/2RlQUjp

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Woman in labor pain carried for 6 km through forest due to bad roads in Tamil Nadu

Villagers of the eroded ghats in western Tamil Nadu carried a woman identified as Kumari on their shoulders with a help bamboo and cloth for about 2.5 hours and a distance of 6 km as she was in labor pain and needed medical assistance. This step was taken by the villagers as the roads of the village were washed away due to the heavy rain in the area and the ambulance demanded to bring the woman on the plain area as the roads were so damaged, operating a vehicle was not possible. Src: https://bit.ly/2RjaCfy


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Koch-Rajbongshis Student' Union demands separate state 'Kamatapur' and ST status in Assam

In Assam's Guwahati district, All Koch-Rajbongshi Student's Union (AKRSU) staged a protest demanding a separate state of Kamatapur and Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to Koch-Rajbongshi community. As per media reports, protestors were holding placards which read "We want Justice, No ST No rest, Fulfill our demands among others". The union said that according to the Constitution, they hold the privilege to have a different state with ST (P) status as their community fulfills all criteria to recapture their actual status. Src: https://bit.ly/2LksrY0

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