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Mohit Sharma doesn't stand with @SocialJustice @Sharmagi 23 Jul 2019 At 08:32 AM

Jharkhand: 8 arrested for killing 4 for practicing witchcraft

Recently 8 people had been arrested in association with the murder of 4 people who allegedly have been practicing witchcraft in Gumla, situated in Jharkhand. SP Anjani Jha said, "Around 16 suspects have been identified and 8 of them were arrested. We are organizing workshops to create awareness among people against witchcraft." The deceased have been identified as Suna Uraav (65), Fagin Devi (62), Chapa Bhagat (62) and his wife Peeri Devi (60). Media reports informed that around 10-12 people with their faces covered came to the victim’s house and eradicated them. Src: https://bit.ly/30NQQuf\

I stand with @SocialJustice

I stand with @SocialJustice

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I don’t

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Mohit Sharma doesn't stand with @SocialJustice @Sharmagi 23 Jul 2019 At 08:32 AM

Uttar Pradesh: An ice cream seller was beaten by Policeman when he asked to pay

Recently an act committed by a police person in Noida, Uttar Pradesh has ashamed the whole police force. Amit Kumar whose daily job is to sell the ice-creams has narrated the story that while he was selling an ice cream a policeman along with a constable arrived at his stall. They ordered an ice-creams which cost Rs 150. Being asked for the payment they beaten me and took me to the police station. Src: https://bit.ly/2Y7p4XP

I stand with @SocialJustice

I stand with @SocialJustice

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I don’t

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Mohit Sharma doesn't stand with @HangInPublic @Sharmagi 23 Jul 2019 At 08:32 AM

Uttar Pradesh: A Minor Girl was kidnapped and raped

A Minor girl who hailed from Tindwari, Banda has been allegedly abducted and raped by an unidentified man. The police officer said, "The complaint was registered by the girl that some persons kidnapped her from the house.” Further, he added that the girl is a minor hence POCSO Act has been invoked along with other relevant sections. Src: https://bit.ly/2yeS3Pf

I stand with @HangInPublic

I stand with @HangInPublic

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I don’t

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Mohit Sharma reacted Sad @Sharmagi 23 Jul 2019 At 08:32 AM

Uttar Pradesh: 6 girls flee school after forced to clean toilets; school denies

Recently a bizarre act had occurred at Kasturba Gandhi residential school in Barabanki situated in Uttar Pradesh. 6 students were found missing from the school premises. When the school tried to trace them, they were found out from a nearby village. During the investigations, the girls accused the warden of the school for forcing them to clean toilets and utensils. Although the warden and school have already denied the allegations, said that the girls were homesick hence they fleed. Src: https://bit.ly/30Lvr4M


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