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Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation allows women to carry pepper sprays

After the savage murder and gang-rape case of veterinary doctor, many women across the nation came out and claimed that they felt safe and empowered while they were carrying a canister of pepper spray during their commute, especially during late-night traveling. But earlier security officials didn’t use to allow women to carry it. Over this matter, Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) has taken steps and allowed women to carry pepper sprays. Src: https://bit.ly/2Rbxw8O

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Don't Bunk, says Rajnath Singh to BJP MPs citing Modi’s displeasure

Recently the Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh has conveyed the Prime Minister's displeasure about the MPs who are frequently skipping the parliament meetings. Rajnath Singh has cited that the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is equally important as the Article 370, and advised the BJP MPs to be present in large numbers in parliament when the bill is tabled by Home Minister Amit Shah. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Patel also urged MPs to attend house "seriously" as important bills were lined up. Src: https://bit.ly/34M4qki

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UP: ‘Sex Maniac’ killed a couple in sleep, raped wife’s corpse and 10-year-old daughter

A 38-year-old man, identified as Nasiruddin, was arrested for killing a couple and their infant son. After murdering them, Nasiruddin raped her corpse and then raped her 10-year-old daughter as well. During interrogation, Nasiruddin confessed about his horrific crime, had committed similar crimes in Haryana, Delhi, and West Bengal. Src: https://bit.ly/385Z45E

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FIR filed against MS Dhoni as part of criminal conspiracy in Amrapali scam

Former Indian skipper, MS Dhoni is in trouble for being a brand ambassador of Amrapali Group in the past. Amrapali Group, who had amassed as much as INR 2,647 crore from the home buyers in order to provide them with the homes. In the list of accused people, Indian skipper’s name has also been registered as per the FIR filed by the Delhi Police’s Economic Offences Wing. One of the buyers has alleged in FIR that “He is part of a criminal conspiracy hatched by the accused persons. Therefore, he should be added as an accused in the said FIR,” Src: https://bit.ly/37Wb0qt

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