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Sanjoy Maity voted "No" @SanjoyMaity 18 May 2019 At 11:01 AM

Is Mamata Benerjee running Gundaraj in West Bengal?

Since the beginning of the Lok Sabha election, West Bengal has faced riots and violence under the Mamata Banerjee rule. First, there was CBI issue, then BJP activist Priyanka Sharma was sent to jail for posting a Meme on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. She didn't allow BJP to operate rallies. In addition, Tajinder Bagga was also arrested for no reason. Do you think Mamata Banerjee is operating with 'Gundaraj' instead of 'Janataraj' in West Bengal?

Sanjoy Maity voted "Bad" @SanjoyMaity 18 May 2019 At 11:02 AM