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"If BJP and its leaders claimed to be nationalists, then they should respect martyrs" - Priyanka Gandhi

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi took on PM Narendra Modi for his high-pitched poll campaign based on nationalism, advising him to 'learn to respect all martyrs, including the father of an opposition leader. She added that " If BJP and its leaders claimed to be nationalists, then they should respect martyrs, irrespective of their religion or political affiliation. and said that "You are not nationalist if you continue disrespecting those who have given their lives for the country".

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"Center provides benefits, state takes credit" - PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi in Sambalpur said that "The state government should give credit to the centre for releasing funds for the state. Modi quoted 'Need to change corrupt State government' to people of Odisha by explaining to them that "As part of district mineral fund, Rs 6,000 crore was given to the Odisha government to build hospitals, provide clean drinking water to all residents and build schools. But the money is being misused and only 1,000 crores were spent. The rest of them are lying and people are facing trouble".

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“Rahul ji is making excuses of not making an alliance with us” says, AAP leader.

Amid a lot of Confusion between AAP and Congress alliance, Gopal Rai, the Delhi Unit Convener of AAP told media that Congress President Rahul Gandhi was making an excuse to avoid an alliance with AAP. He claimed that “I feel Rahul ji is making an excuse for not forming an alliance with AAP, if he was really interested, he must have come forward and made an alliance between Congress and AAP.... but Rahul ji is not even ready to hold a discussion on the same matter”.

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"Through Shakti, Congress workers will be given complete information about the scheme" - Congress

The Congress has asked its workers to create awareness among voters about the scheme to ensure the maximum outreach for its poll promise of Nyay. According to Congress, the party has used its project Shakti, an online platform to connect with workers across the country, to disseminate information about Nyay. Congress leaders have termed it a game-changer in the ongoing elections with Gandhi himself calling it a final assault on poverty.

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