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Virat Kohli fined 25% match fee for breaching ICC Code of Conduct during Afghanistan

The Indian Skipper Virat Kohli was fined 25% of his match fee because of breaching Level 1 of the ICC Code of Conduct during the match against Afghanistan on Saturday. Kohli was found to breach Article 2.1 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel, which relates to “Excessive appealing during an International Match”. The incident was occurred in the 29th over when Kohli advanced towards umpire Aleem Dar in an aggressive manner when appealing an lbw decision.

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What have happened to our education system?

No space for creativity, even if we try to make our own answers in exams, almost 90% teachers will say, "Can't you study how much we tell?" There is a fight for marks, and students' are judged on their capacity to just cram up. No space for practical and research work section. The biggest problem here is - WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FAIL. Yeah, that's the biggest problem, in some of the developed countries like USA people before getting a job or opening a startup, fail in their business in high school time several times. So they have a experience. But here, even the teachers fully don't know what the are teaching. We can get degrees, people in crores of population get degrees every year, but still not even half of them get employment. WHY? Children of 12th standard even don't know how to fill a application, even it is possible they have never stepped in a bank. No practical knowledge, only theory, theory, theory. Children who are aware of the situation and have a different talent are forced by the society. If you are a parent reading this, please don't compare your child marks with someone other's marks. Today's society doesn't accepts the truth - EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERENT TALENT. You can't force a artist to be a engineer, no that's wrong. You can't force a gamer to be a doctor. You can't force a computer expert to be a mechanical engineer. From my side, I suggest the best practical knowledge to be given to students is from teaching computers in a advanced way, physical games, competition between similar interests and language speaking(not stories and all), children must not only be crammed moral science, they must be practically taught to apply it. Then no one will dare to say a word to our educational system. Even Steve Jobs when was asked why he takes most of his employees from INDIA said,"IF I DO NOT TAKE PEOPLE FROM INDIA, THERE WILL BE ANOTHER APPLE IN INDIA." So much talent is there in INDIA. But it's all going waste. We must take stand for it. PLEASE SUPPORT IF YOU THINK WHAT I SAID IS RIGHT!

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