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Delhi: Two brothers held for raping 22-year-old women

A 22-year-old was allegedly raped repeatedly over a time of four days in Delhi's Amar Colony. As per the police, the accused have been arrested and were identified as Shatrughan and Bharat. The victim belonged to Kanpur and came to Delhi looking for a Job. The victim was offered assistance to get a new line of work from the mother of the accused. A case has been filed and further investigation is in the procedure.

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Encephalitis Outbreak: Death toll rises to 160 in Muzaffarpur; doctor suspended

The death of children due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome has touched to 160 in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district. As many as 110 deaths were reported at government run SKMCH hospital and 20 at Kejriwal Hospital. The Resident doctor of SKMCH hospital was suspended due to mismanagement and rising toll of deaths due to this malignant disease.

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Delhi: Masked Men attacks Woman journalist; hurled eggs & fired gun shots

A female Journalist Mitali Chandola was attacked my masked assailants in East Delhi’s Ashok Nagar while she was driving. The two masked men first threw eggs on her car and then fired multiple shots of bullets. As per the police, the woman faced injuries on her arms. The first stage of investigation suggested it to be a family dispute.

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15-year-old dies after sexual assault in Gurugram, 3 minors arrested

Three youngsters have been arrested after a 15 year old boy died due to sexual assault. According to the press note released by Gurugram police, "The father of the deceased boy said that his son was mentally weak from the birth and the accused sexually assaulted and thrashed his son. Due to this episode his son died." The police has registered a complaint under section 302 (murder), 34 of the IPC and 6 of the POCSO Act (exasperated penetrative rape).

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