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'Non-Muslims spying for Pakistan’s ISI more than Muslims': Congress leader Digvijaya Singh

A former CM and Congress Rajya Sabha member Digvijaya Singh said that "Non-Muslims are spying for Pakistan’s ISI more than Muslims". Singh did not only stop there but also tweeted that MP police has arrested office bearers of BJP's IT Cell and Bajrang Dal on charges of spying for Pakistan after taking money from ISI. After hearing this, the BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan has accused Singh for publicity and said, "He (Digvijaya) gives controversial statements to stay in news." Src: https://bit.ly/2PAQAy1

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Uttar Pradesh: Two private school security guards gang-rape fellow woman guard, makes video

In Uttar Pradesh's Noida city, two security guard allegedly gang-raped a fellow woman guard and made a video of the episode. Circle Officer Swetabh Pandey, stated that yesterday, a woman had filed a complaint and blamed two of her fellow security guard of gang-raping her and making a video of the episode. Pandey added that the woman was scared against sharing the video online. She added that the police have verified the allegations and will soon make the arrest. Src: https://bit.ly/2LrIoLo

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207 youths join Ladakh Scouts Regiment

In Ladakh's Leh area, a parade was organised at the Ladakh Scouts Regimental Centre which was conducted with the most elevated customs of the Indian Army and was attended by Lieutenant General YK Joshi, Academy Sergeant Major (ACSM). The function was attended by a range of civil and military dignitaries including war legends of the regiment and parents of the recruits. Lt General Joshi stated, "I congratulate them for the impressive parade and urge them to devote their life in service of the nation as proud soldiers of the Indian Army". Lt Joshi also complimented the parents of the young soldiers on having inspired their wards to join the regiment. Src: https://bit.ly/30PO0p9


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Abbrogation of Article 370: Naqvi flags off bike rally to Kashmir to spread message of 'Ek Vidhan, Ek Samvidhan'

To celebrate the abrogation of Article 370 and to spread the message of 'Ek Vidhan, Ek Samvidhan' (One Legislative, One Constitution), Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi flagged off a bike rally to Kashmir. Naqvi stated, "The bike rally is to send the message of 'Ek Vidhan, Ek Samvidhan' in all rural and urban areas. After the Abrogation of Article 370, it is essential to make awareness among masses about its positive outcomes". He added that the Kashmiri youths will get inspired by the rally. "All should come together. We will spread the message of 'Ek Vidhan, Ek Samvidhan'. All bikers will carry Indian flags with them throughout rally", Naqvi included. As per the media reports, the rally is being led by woman biker Raj Lakshmi, and her team will cover more than 5000 km distance. Src: https://bit.ly/2ZGQRPJ

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