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"Will investigate Modi govt's data scam after being voted to power" - Congress

Former finance minister P Chidambaram criticised PM Modi and Union Minister Arun Jaitley and said " Into the Central Statistics Office's GDP series NSSO shot a major hole. Which showed that the MCA data is full of falsehoods and is full of companies that do not exist or cannot be traced. This is the kind of bluffs and blaster that the Modi government has preserved." He further said "The political leadership has interfered and subdued the Central Statistic Office and the National Sample Survey Office. Congress also said it will investigate if voted to power, the scam in which CSO involved in putting the false data.

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"Fight the elections on the false promises you have made" - Priyanka Gandhi Vadra challenges PM Modi

The Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said: "Fight the elections on the false promises you have made." Not having done any work in five years, the BJP's situation now was like those of children who haven't done their homework and tell their teacher that 'What can I do, Nehru Ji took my homework and hid it. Indra Ji made a paper boat out of my homework. Priyanka further said "What has he done for you in the last five years? you stood in queues after demonetisation but hasn't black money come back? They promised two crores jobs every year for the youth. Have you got any jobs? Who will make him accountable?

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"Congress jailed innocents, let bombers flee" - PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi said "For years they have kept the innocent people behind the bars, but the conspiracy finally has been exposed. In a bid to conspire against them, they (Congressmen) gave escape route to the real culprits who were behind the blasts." Modi further said, "Today you have the government which works to protect the country as well as you all, while the Congress party and its men are working for protection and growth of a particular family."

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"The AAP came to change the country, but they changed themselves" - PM Modi slams AAP for 'non-performance'

PM Narendra Modi attacked the AAP and said Delhi is the only state where there is a new political culture of "nakampanthi (non-performance)", as established by the ruling dispensation. The AAP had come to change the country, but they have changed themselves. They have become a major hurdle in the implementation of welfare schemes. They supported 'tukde-tuked' gang and strengthened India's enemy. They have tarnished the image of the common people and made it difficult for any social movement to gain a political platform.

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