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"It's your turn now" - Gautam Gambhir urges voters in Delhi

Gautam Gambhir urged voters in Delhi to cast their ballot on Sunday in the sixth phase of the Lok Sabha election. Gambhir tweeted "Done my bit!! It's your turn now.. #Go Vote Delhi."

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"Born as backward, taking India forward" - PM Modi slams Mayawati

After BSP chief Mayawati alleged PM Modi that he included his caste in the backward category during his tenure as Gujarat CM for electoral benefit. PM Modi said he was born a backward but he doesn't do politics on such lines. "I have only one caste, I am poor. I have seen neediness, felt its torment and working indefatigably to kill it"

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"TMC supporters pushed me to the ground" - Bharti Ghosh

BJP candidate Bharti Ghosh from West Bengal's Ghatal voting constituency was in tears on Sunday morning in the wake of being annoyed at a surveying corner. She said "TMC supporters pushed me to the ground. They are not enabling any surveying to be held in Keshpur zone. These ladies were employed by the TMC. I will gripe recorded as a hard copy to the ECI."

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"We will defeat PM Modi and BJP in Chhattisgarh" - Bhupesh Baghel

Bhupesh Baghel said "Modi, this time needed to turn into a Sahu. Prior, he was a chaiwala, a fakir, maa Ganga ka beta and lastly. He claimed several identities, played numerous characters. But the people of Chhattisgarh perceive his actual face."

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