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Ricky Panwar stand with @SaniaMirza @RickyPanwar 13 Jun 2019 At 03:01 AM

Sania Mirza slams India-Pak World cup TV ads, calls it ’Cringeworthy’

Indian Tennis Star Sania Mirza criticizes the TV ads of both countries India and Pakistan that features about the CWC match between the two. She tweeted,"Cringeworthy ads on both sides of the border..seriously guys, you don’t need to ‘hype up’ or market the match anymore specially with rubbish! it has ENOUGH attention already! It’s only cricket for God sake, and if you think it’s anymore than that then get a grip or get a life !!".

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Ricky Panwar stand with @RahulGandhi @RickyPanwar 13 Jun 2019 At 03:01 AM

Cyclone Vayu: Rahul Gandhi asks party workers to extend help in Gujarat

As Cyclone 'Vayu' is nearing and intensifying, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has appealed party workers to prepare and help the people in cyclone-affected areas of Gujarat. As many as 3 lakh people have already been evacuated from Gujarat coastal areas.

Ricky Panwar stand with @RandeepHooda @RickyPanwar 13 Jun 2019 At 03:01 AM

Randeep Hooda extends help for relief in Drought struck Maharashtra

Actor Randeep Hooda volunteered along with UK based Humanitarian Relief organization in a village near Nashik, Maharashtra. He told that the village is facing severe drought and there is also a serious dearth of drinking water. Randeep urged the government to step in and ’find the permanent solution’ of the water crisis in that area.

Ricky Panwar doesn't stand with @JDU @RickyPanwar 13 Jun 2019 At 03:02 AM

No point of blaming Mamata, time to take stern actions on illegal immigrants issue: JD(U) Slams BJP

Amid political rift between BJP and Janata Dal (United), the Nitish Kumar led JD(U) criticized and passed a sarcastic comment on BJP and Amit Shah. The party spokesman, Ajay Alok tweeted, ” Blaming Mamata Banerjee won’t work. The government needs to tighten its statecraft especially when Amit Shah is the home minister. It’s extremely important to ban illegal immigration. When, if not now?”.

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