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Bhuj Hostel case: Trustee of girls college commits to abolish practice, says NCW

National Commission for Women (NCW), which had taken suo moto cognisance of the incident at a college in Gujarat's Kutch where girls were forced to remove their underwear to test whether they were menstruating or not, stated that the Shahajanand Girls Institute trustee will give a written undertaking to abolish such discriminatory practice. Earlier on 14 February, 68 girls were forced to undergo a strip test at the institute's hostel to verify whether they were menstruating. Src: https://bit.ly/2vDSiVY

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Japan’s annual bizarre festival requires everyone to be naked

In a bizarre event that took place in Japan’s Honshu Island on Saturday, in which the number of people were seen braving the chilly weather to take part in the annual Naked Festival. As per the media reports, the event dubbed as ‘Hadaka Matsuri’ in Japanese is an annual festival which is celebrated every third Saturday of February at the temple Saidaiji Kannonin. Thousands of males participated in the event where they were seen sporting a minimal amount of clothing with most of them using a Japanese loincloth called ‘fundoshi’ along with a pair of white socks. Src: https://bit.ly/2HyuKnU


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Priyanka Gandhi asks govt to take action on video of police brutality on Jamia students

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has strongly reacted by a tweet on the video released by a group of students of Jamia Millia University allegedly showing Delhi police personnel assaulting students inside a reading room in the varsity. Priyanka said, ‘Look at how Delhi Police is blindly assaulting students in the library. A boy is flashing his book but the policeman is continuing to attack him with batons’ and further demanded that the government took action failing which its “intentions would stand exposed”. Src: https://bit.ly/2HtcIDz

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Congress leader Pratapgarhi asked to pay 1 Cr fine for participating in anti-CAA protests

Amid anti-CAA protests, Congress leader Imran Pratapgarhi has been asked to pay INR 1 crore for the participation in a protest at Moradabad. The Moradabad District Administration alleged that he instigated the protesters. He was also asked to appear before Wednesday but he defied the order. Pratapgarhi said the government is trying to find new ways to scare the agitators. But the protesters cannot afford to be afraid of such tactics as they have to fight for their existence now. Src: https://bit.ly/2UUIiCg

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