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Man shot dead by Naxals in Chattisgarh

A man was shot dead by Naxals in Chattisgarh’s Sukhma. According to police the victim was shot dead while he was sleeping in his house. He was shot multiple time. The police said reason behind the attack is unknown as Naxal didn't leave a note at the spot.

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Cricketer Chris Gayle dons ‘India-Pak’ suit

West Indies Cricketer Chris Gayle shared a picture wearing a suit which had Indian tri-color on one side and Pakistan’s green color on other side. “Yup! I’m rocking my India-Pak suit, all love and respect!..I really love it and this will be one of my outfit at my birthday party in September 20th...it’s lit”, the caption read.

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I am disappointed by pettiness and Jingoism that cricket is reduced to: Cricket Commentator

Renowned Cricket Commentator Harsha Bhogle has condemned commercials run in India and Pakistan on the World Cup match. Pakistan showcased a man impersonating IAF commander Abhinandan Varthaman whereas India showed partition of Bangladesh & Pakistan. Bhogle tweeted, ”I am disappointed by the pettiness and jingoism that #INDvsPAK at cricket is being reduced to. Hopefully it will be over after tomorrow's game”.

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Jignesh Mevani booked for sharing ’fake’ video defaming school

Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani has been booked for defaming a private school by sharing fake video on social media. The video showcased half-naked student being beaten up by a teacher. The principal of the school lodged a complaint against Mevani and stated that the video was not from her school.

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