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RahulVa44120795 stand with @MotherDairy @RahulVa44120795 06 Sep 2019 At 12:43 PM

Mother Dairy hikes cow milk price by Rs 2 Per Litre in Delhi-NCR from today

Leading milk supplier Mother Dairy has increased price of cow milk by Rs 2 to Rs 44 a litre in Delhi-NCR from today. The company has increased retail price because it is paying more to farmers for procuring raw milk. Mother Dairy supplies around 30 lakh litre milk, of which 8 lakh litre constitutes cow milk, in the Delhi-NCR region. The prices of other milk variants are not changed. Now competitors like Amul and Parag Milk may also increase the price of cow milk. Src:https://bit.ly/2jY6xiG

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RahulVa44120795 stand with @ManakAgarwal @RahulVa44120795 06 Sep 2019 At 12:43 PM

Madhya Pradesh Cong' leader accuses MLA Umang Singhar of working as 'BJP agent'

Senior Madhya Pradesh Congress leader Manak Agarwal has accused party MLA Umang Singhar of working as a "BJP agent". Demanding the suspension of Singhar, Agarwal stated, "This is an attempt by the BJP to defame the image of senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh. Umang Singhar is allied with the BJP and is working as their agent. He should be suspended from the party or asked to resign". He further said that Digvijaya Singh-led govt was in power in Madhya Pradesh for a decade and BJP for 15 years and if Singh has achieved something incorrectly, the BJP should have investigated it, instead, PM Modi and Amit Shah continued attacking Singh but he wasn't terrified. This comes in the backdrop of State Forest Minister Umang Singhar claiming that Digvijaya Singh was attempting to destabilise the Kamal Nath-led govt and building up himself as a “power centre”. Src: https://bit.ly/2k0rWYA

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Delhi MLA Alka Lamba quits Aam Aadmi Party after 6 years

Aam Aadmi Party’s Chandini Chowk legislator Alka Lamba quit the party today with a tweet saying, "The time has come to say 'Good Bye' to #AAP and to resign from the primary membership of the party. The past six years' journey was a great learning for me. Thanks to all". Alka Lamba's decision to leave AAP comes ahead of the Delhi Assembly elections scheduled to be held early next year. Earlier this week, she had met with Congress president Sonia Gandhi and is expected to go back to the Congress, the party with which she started her political career in 1994. Src:https://bit.ly/2kliyPE

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Magsaysay Winner Ravish Kumar: Mainstream journalism is a constant threat to Citizens and Citizen Journalism

Ravish Kumar, the winner of the prestigious Ramon Magsasay Award 2019, delivered a powerful speech on"The Power of Citizen's journalism to Advance Democracy", in the Philippines. He is among the five recipients of the 2019 Magsaysay award, the Asian equivalent of the Nobel prize. In his speech, he stressed on why mainstream journalism doesn’t support idea of journalism and how citizen journalists and citizen journalism both are under a constant (existential) threat. Ravish Kumar will receive the Ramon Magsasay Award in Manila on September 9, 2019. Src:https://bit.ly/2lH11Bq

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