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Rahul Kumar Kannaujiya stand with @NASA @RahulKumarKannaujiy 12 Sep 2019 At 06:16 PM

NASA helping ISRO to revive communication with Vikram Lander

National Aeronautics and Space Administration( NASA) is trying to help ISRO to re-establish communication with Vikram Lander. NASA ‘s jet propulsion laboratory had sent a radio frequency to Vikram to contact. As per media reports, NASA was quoted saying they were trying to contact Vikram through its deep space network (DSN) as a part of its contract with ISRO. "Attempts are being made to re-establish communication links with the moon lander Vikram. The attempts will be made till September 20-21 when the sunlight will be there in the area where the Vikram has landed," an ISRO official told media. Src:https://bit.ly/2lSGzO7

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Rahul Kumar Kannaujiya stand with @KamalNath @RahulKumarKannaujiy 09 Sep 2019 At 10:31 PM

Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath in trouble as SIT starts new inquiry for his involvement in 1984 riots

MP CM Kamal Nath will face new inquiry for his involvement in the 1984 riots against Sikhs following Indira Gandhi's assassination in New Delhi. A special investigation team has decided to reopen seven anti-Sikh riot cases. The reopened cases include a case against the Madhya Pradesh CM. The SAD has accused Kamal Nath giving shelter to five people who were accused in one of the seven cases. It also urged Congress president Sonia Gandhi to seek the resignation of Kamal Nath so that Sikhs will get justice for the 1984 riots. Src:https://bit.ly/2k7Z14V

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Rahul Kumar Kannaujiya stand with @AmitShah @RahulKumarKannaujiy 09 Sep 2019 At 10:36 PM

Centre intends to expel illegal immigrants from India: Amit Shah

Recently the Union Home Minister Amit Shah has shown his concerns about the illegal immigrants who come in the country. Amit Shah in his words has said that "Our intention is to expel illegal immigrants from the entire country and not just Assam.” Taking it further he has said, "The Congress governments sowed the seeds of strife in the northeast. The party did not care for the northeast and because of that militancy flourished. It always believed in the policy of divide and rule." Do you support Amit Shah’s this view? Let us know your view in the comments. Src: https://bit.ly/2krZfUT

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Rahul Kumar Kannaujiya doesn't stand with @MotorVehiclesBill @RahulKumarKannaujiy 09 Sep 2019 At 10:37 PM

Uttar Pradesh: Man wears helmet in car after allegedly getting fined

Recently Piyush Varshney who hails from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh has started wearing a helmet while driving his car after he had been fined an e-challan of Rs 500 for not wearing a helmet inside car. As of now, the media reports have said that "We are verifying the challan. Several times mistakes were found due to wrong feeding of data. We can verify the challan and will cancel it if we find it wrong." The man said he's wearing a helmet in the car due to fear of getting challan again. Src: https://bit.ly/2m3rpFW

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