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Bandhan Bank slapped with a penalty of INR 1 crore by RBI

RBI imposed the penalty of INR 1 crore on account of failure to cut the shareholding of Bandhan Financial Holdings to 40 per cent of its paid-up voting capital, within three years from commencement of the business of the bank. Bandhan Bank had obtained in-principle universal banking license from the central bank in 2014 and started full-fledged operations as a bank from August 2015 and came out with an IPO and got listed in March 2018. Src: https://bit.ly/2Jz6y6f

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Amazon set to invest in INR 4,472 crore into Indian businesses

US online retail company, Amazon has invested an additional INR 4,472 crore ($635 million) in three of its Indian subsidiaries for expanding its operations, as per a media report on Tuesday. The US-based e-commerce giant's board on October 17 also allotted 90 crore shares of Rs 10 face value, aggregating INR 900 crore to Amazon Pay India Ltd on rights basis. The fresh investment brings Amazon’s total investment in Amazon Seller Services this year to INR 6,200 crore. Src: https://bit.ly/2qOGBcn

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Video shows the raid site where Baghdadi was killed by Delta Force

The video captured by the drone of Anadolu Agency from the raid site by the Delta Force of the US Army to kill Abu-Bakr-Al-Baghdadi describes how the infamous terrorist was killed. The locals who witnessed the operation said that there was continuous bombing by the helicopters for 30 minutes on two houses because of which one house was completely earthed before the troops came on the ground. After which Baghdadi ran into a dead-end underground tunnel with his 3 children where he killed himself along with his children by detonating an explosive vest. Src: https://bit.ly/2NsgKPn


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OYO gets relief by Competition Commission of India against the complaint filed by FHRAI

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has given relief to OYO Hotels and Homes against the complaint filed by the Federation of Hotels and Restaurants Association of India under the Competition Act alleging OYO for price parity and predatory pricing. The CCI ruled out OYO on the basis that it is not a dominant player in the market and it is a hotel chain, not an online travel agent. While the CCI pertains to carry investigation against OYO under the section3(4) of the Competition Act. Src: https://bit.ly/2NokfGl

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