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Jet Airways pilot’s Union urges SC to direct SBI to release funds.

Jet Airways Pilot’s Union appealed the Apex Court to direct State bank of India , the lender of Jet Airways, to release the interim fund to the Airline so that it can re-start Boeing. Around 22,000 employees lives have been affected by the grounded Airline. Earlier the National Aviator’s Guild in petitions said that SBI agreed to 15 billion rupees first and then denied in March which resulted Airline defunct.

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"If Modi government formed, India will be free from immigrant problems" - Amit Shah

BJP president Amit Shah on Wednesday attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi, said "Like termites, illegal immigrants are destroying the country, but Rahul baba and company says that they should not be thrown out. If you help Modi government to form once again, I assure you the country will be free of illegal trespassers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Kolkata to Kutch."

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"Modi Ji, your time is up" - Rahul Gandhi

Now with the two more phases of Lok Sabha polls left, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said: "It's not just young people who are coming out in large numbers to vote for NYAY, also the older and more experienced voters too have understood how powerful the idea is." Gandhi on tweeter said "Modi Ji, your time is up. The time for change has come."

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"Congress, its allies have given up their fight in this Lok Sabha poll" - PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday said "The situation is now quite clear and when results will be out by May 23, once again it will be 'Phir Ek Bar Modi Sarkar' with the blessings of countrymen. Modi further said, "The Congress and their 'Mahamilavati' allies have given up the fight, and their intention to form a 'kichdi aur majboor sarkar' in Delhi has fallen flat." Modi alleged that the Congress has done 'brashtachar ki kheti' and the proof is in Haryana.

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