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Bihar man carries dead son on shoulders, district magistrate orders probe

The Nalanda district magistrate has ordered a probe after it came to light that a man was forced to carry the body of his eight-year-old son on his shoulders on Tuesday there was no hearse available at the time. The man did not wait for the return of the lone hearse which was at Silau. Instead, he preferred to carry the body on his shoulders. The boy allegedly fell unconscious while riding a bicycle. He was admitted to a private clinic and was deferred to Biharsharif Sadar Hospital, where he died during treatment. Src-https://bit.ly/2XbOmZh

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Are India and the Congress Party the Same Thing? PM Modi targets Congress in Rajya Sabha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized Congress for questioning the mandate of the Lok Sabha election. He said, "Some people say the BJP won the election but the nation lost the polls. There can't be a bigger insult to the people of India." He further questioned, “When it is said that nation lost, I would like to ask, did Hindustan lose in Wayanad or Amethi?”Are India and the Congress party the same thing? No, they are not. It is important to respect our electoral process and democracy." Src- https://bit.ly/2JkTy3x

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Shashi Tharoor Tweets Cartoon Condemning Mob Lynching in the Name of Lord Ram

Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday tweeted a cartoon of vigilantes attacking people in the name of Lord Ram. His reaction comes in response to the recent case of lynching that emerged from Jharkhand. He tweeted a cartoon that depicted a man being tied up to a tree and a group of people thrashing him with sticks and kicking him and asking him to chant 'Jai Shri Ram'. A massive controversy erupted after the mob lynching of a 24-year-old Muslim on charges for alleged theft. Earlier today, CCTV footage showed state police officers dragging the victim by the collar.

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PM Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha Criticized A Former Congress Leader for Controversial Statements on Muslims

During his speech in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized a former Congress leader who said that it was not the duty of their party to uplift Muslims and “if they want to lie in the gutter let them be”. The comment was claimed to be made by PV Narsimha Rao, in 1986, while speaking to Arif Mohammed Khan, a former four-time MP. He declared that the Congress was not a party of social reformers and it wasn’t their responsibility to pull Muslims out of the gutter. Src- https://bit.ly/2X32gYR

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