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Earlier a fair complexion was important for a girl to get a good groom: Yami Gautam

During an interview, when Bollywood actor Yami Gautam was asked about being the face of a popular fairness cream that promotes colourism and a constantly criticizes dark complexion, on which Yami replied that Social media and firms had only highlighted what exists around society and that’s the reason those ad-films were made. Yami further said back then a fair complexion was important for a girl to get a good groom or a good job. And claimed, now her brand promotes only glowing skin and not fair skin. Src: https://bit.ly/339DMkJ

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Chennai: Welcome gate of Mahabalipuram decorated with 18 types of fruits and vegetables to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping

For welcoming Chinese President Xi Jinping, 200 staff members and trainees of the Department of Horticulture had decorated the gate in Mahabalipuram, a coastal town about 56 km south of Chennai with eighteen types of vegetables and fruits. According to media reports, Additional Director, Department of Horticulture stated that Most of the vegetables used for decoration of the gate are organic and they have been directly brought from the farms across the state. The informal summit between PM Modi and Xi Jinping is scheduled on Oct 11-12. Src: https://bit.ly/2Vw8tg

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Chennai: Smuggled exotic Lizards and Snakes seized at Chennai Airport

Recently at Chennai International Airport, exotic species of juvenile pythons and lizards were seized by customs officials who had allegedly detained two men. The species which are seized are- a green tree python, one scrub python, two black tree monitor lizards, five emerald tree monitor lizards, two blue-spotted tree monitor lizards, one Reisinger tree monitor and four sailfin lizards. According to a media report, police had information that wild animals were likely to be smuggled from Kuala Lumpur. Officers of the Customs Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) maintained a special alert. As per reports, the customs official said, “On questioning, the arrested persons informed that these bags were given to them by someone outside Kuala Lumpur airport with instructions to hand them over to someone outside the Chennai airport who would identify them". Src:https://bit.ly/33wnn9N

China's President Xi-Jinping lands Chennai for two-day informal summit with PM Modi

China’s President Xi Jinping has arrived at Chennai and will head to Mahabalipuram, 50 km away from the city for two-day informal summit between him and PM Modi. Both of them are likely to talk about terrorism, terrorism harboring country and about Kashmir if Xi Jinping initiates. As per media reports, the issue of terrorism is significant because the Financial Action Task Force, under China’s presidency is scheduled to meet from October 13-18 this year and is likely to take up the issue of Pakistan’s blacklisting. Do you think this informal summit will help in bettering the ties of India-China? Comment below! Src: https://bit.ly/2IEGVRi


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