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Opposition wants to get rid of me after I curbed out their corruption activities: PM takes jibe at Opposition.

PM Modi, addressing a political rally at Chhattisgarh launched a attack at Opposition. He claimed that the political opponents want to get rid of him after he disclosed and cracked down their corruption activities. Attacking Congress, he said “We have seen weak and corrupt government in Delhi which has done many scams. As soon as money comes, somebody will start stealing it, they are so much in pain...”.

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"The time has come for NaMo to be replaced by 'Jai Bheem', the real 'bajarangbali' " - Mayawati

BSP supremo Mayawati targeted Modi and said that "since he didn't have anything to showcase in his five years of rule, he was only attacking the opposition with baseless charges". Mayawati further defended her alliance partner Akhilesh by saying that "Modi and the BJP were resorting to spreading rumours against the alliance as they are scared of their combined strength. Mayawati then quoted that "No chokidar can stop this storm".

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How BJD can think about common people when they are busy protecting those involved in Chit Funds and Mining Scam: PM Modi slams BJD in Odisha.

PM Modi hit out at Naveen Patnaik led govt while addressing a rally. He accused BJD of just being engaged in protecting the people involved in chit funds, Mining scam and not thinking about the interest of Common people. Modi asserted "It is his govt that amended decades-old mining law and made sure that a part of the fund from the resources fetched is utilized for the development of local infrastructure,"

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"Congress leaders have sold their souls to BJP and CPM" - Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee led a blistering attack on Congress leaders and lashes out at MP Adhir Chowdhury by saying that the Congress leader has sold his soul to BJP and CPM. She added that "A vote to Congress or CPM will only strengthen BJP. Banerjee further said that RSS people are campaigning for him in Behrampore and also in Jangipur for the Congress candidate (Abhijit Mukharjee)".

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