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Pankaj Verma stand with @MadrasHighCourt @PankajVerma15601 04 Apr 2019 At 08:15 AM

Madras High Court directs the Centre to ban the use of TiK Tok app.

After Indonesia and Bangladesh directed to ban the use of Tik Tok app, the Madras High Court issued a direction to prohibit the download and asked media to stop airing the Tik Tok videos. The decision came after the court observed pornographic and Inappropriate content in the app.

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Who do you think is a better leader for India's future?

2019 elections are just a few days away. India needs to speak now. Tell us, who can lead India the best? Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi? Vote on your option and tell us. Don't forget to share this poll in your friend circle.

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Pankaj Verma stand with @USGovt @PankajVerma15601 04 Apr 2019 At 08:15 AM

We will utilize all our sources to ensure that JeM terrorist Masood Azhar is blacklisted by UN : US counter attacks China over JeM terrorist UN sanctions.

United States countered China over their remark of ‘Overtaking the Process’ in blacklisting Pakistan based JeM terrorist. US said they will use all their sources to make sure that Masood Azhar gets black listed by UN. The US spokesperson also confirmed “that we circulated a draft UNSC resolution with U.K. and French support”.

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Pankaj Verma stand with @Mayawati @PankajVerma15601 04 Apr 2019 At 08:17 AM

I dedicated my life for the upliftment of downtrodden, stayed unmarried for the same cause : Mayawati ‘s emotional note to SC over Statue controversy.

BSP Supremo Mayawati penned down a emotional letter to Supreme Court on Tuesday while the court heard petition filed in 2009 against her for building life- size mega Statues of BSP in Uttar Pradesh. The affidavit by Mayawati read, "dedicated her entire life for the upliftment of the downtrodden". She further claimed in the note that statues represented the "will of the people" .

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