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Anurag Thakur lauds PM Modi for strengthening India's ties with other nations

Union Minister Anurag Thakur has lauded the PM for playing an important role in strengthening India's relations with other nations. Thakur, in an interview, stated, "In the last couple of decades, we have seen the relation between India and the US becoming stronger with each passing day. Successive govt's have done well. But especially after PM Modi took over, he has taken it to the next level". Thakur further said that the relation between India and the US has become stronger and at the personal level with Obama earlier and now with Trump, PM Modi has a great deal of comfort on a personal basis also to take up many issues. "That's a big advantage to India that at the international level what India has gained in the last five-and-a-half years is outstanding. I think we should give credit to Modi for doing so". Src: https://bit.ly/2kjotVb

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Pune surgeon & cab driver mowed down by bus while changing flat tyre

Well known Pune based Surgeon Dr. Khurjekar and the cab driver were killed and two other doctors were injured after a bus hit them on Pune-Mumbai Expressway in Maharashtra. The mishap took place near Somatane village around 10.30 pm when Dr. Khurjekar and two other doctors with a cab driver halted at a village on the roadside to replace the flat tyre. Dr. Khurjekar got down from the car to help cab driver when a private bus coming from behind hit the car. Dr. Khurjekar was a gold medalist and had performed 3,500 complicated surgeries Src: https://bit.ly/2kDlreP


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Kerala govt freezes decision on implementation of amended Motor Vehicle Act

Kerala State has put a hold on the new Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019. The State Transport Minister, AK Saseendran, in an interview, stated, "The Central minister himself said that he is going to issue an order that the state govt can modify the fines, etc. according to their convenience. So we have decided to wait for that". Saseendran further said that several states have rejected the new rules, Gujarat govt has reduced the fine by 50%. "We aren't collecting fine, but using this as an awareness campaign period. We will be writing to the Central govt today. We have requested the Central govt to either allow the state govt for modification or the Central govt should itself declare as an ordinance to modify the Act", he included. Src: https://bit.ly/2kC7JZG

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Modi meets New Jersey Governor, assures support to boost cooperation with Indian states

As the United States seeks to pursue meaningful collaboration with Indian states, PM Modi met New Jersey Governor Philip D. Murphey and assured him of govt's support. A PMO release stated, "PM Modi welcomed the Governor's desire to promote closer commercial and people-to-people relations between New Jersey and India". The release further stated that the Governor briefed the PM of his needs for building his state's relations with India and focused on moving in the direction of a powerful partnership between India and the US. The release included that the PM valued the personal attention paid by the Governor for the prosperity of the Indian American community in New Jersey and stressed their significance as an extension between India and their host nation. Src: https://bit.ly/2lPPVui


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