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Hang culprits within a specific time, says Mayawati after Unnao rape victim's

BSP chief Mayawati stated that the central govt should make a law to hang the culprits in rape cases within a specific time. Mayawati, on her Twitter handle, said that the death of the Unnao rape victim in Delhi is extremely painful. She added that to stop such incidents across the nation including Uttar Pradesh, the state govts should create fear of law among the people. This comes after the death of the Unnao rape victim who was set ablaze while on her way to a court, battled for life at Delhi's Safdarjung hospital. Src: https://bit.ly/34YwaCv

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Rajasthan's 14-yr-old girl abducted and gang-raped for 4 months in Gujarat; one arrested

A 14-year-old girl from Rajasthan was abducted and gang-raped by three men for four months. The accused kept the victim at a farm in Gujarat’s Banaskantha district, where 2 brothers were working as laborers. The incident came into light when the farm’s owner got suspicious about the girl's presence and informed the police. The police have arrested one accused identified as Mahesh Koli and another two accused are still missing. Src: https://bit.ly/2YlWl3v

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What should be the punishment for Rapists in India?

Molestation, rape and murder are the most common crimes in India. As per National Crime Records Bureau reports, over 93 rapes are reported every day across the country. The question is, what encourages criminals to indulge in such heinous crimes without fear? There are many reasons, but one of them is the cries of women, girls which remain unheard due to societal pressure and another major reason is weak judiciary system and delay in serving justice. The example for which is the Nirbhaya rape and murder case 2012, it's been 7 years and the accused are still alive and passing their time in jail. According to you, how should be the rapists punished in India?

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At least one daughter served justice, says Nirbhaya’s mother Asha

Today, Hyderabad police killed 4 accused of Hyderabad veterinarian’s rape and murder case in an encounter. When Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi was asked about the incident, she expressed that she was happy with the punishment and is proud of policemen for doing it. Asha urged that there should be no action against the police personnel. She further expressed that at least one daughter has been served justice and because of this a sense of fear will develop among the criminals. Src: https://bit.ly/2DRROMA

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