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Nitin Pahare doesn't stand with @KanhaiyaKumarJNU @NitinPahare 29 Apr 2019 At 12:29 PM

"Those who defamed Begusarai will be defeated here" - Kanhaiya Kumar's message for his opponents

Kanhaiya Kumar is making his electoral debut as the Communist Party of India candidate against BJP leader Giriraj Singh in Begusarai. After voting Kanhaiya said, "Begusarai ko badman karne wali takton ko Begusarai me muh ki khani padegi". Kanhaiya stated that "It is a 'dhakkosla' (sham) that some attributes the decline of the Left to caste-based politics, which existed ever earlier as well. However, things are different now. Globally, there has now been a new Left emergence".

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Nitin Pahare doesn't stand with @MamataBanerjee @NitinPahare 29 Apr 2019 At 12:29 PM

"PM Modi does not respect his mother, how can he teach us to respect India?" - Mamata Banerjee

Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday accused PM Modi by saying "How can you, who have not shown any respect to your own mother, your wife, teach us how to respect our country? The country can never trust a PM Like this".She also alleged, "The PM's speeches are instigating and the language is shameful".

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Nitin Pahare stand with @BJP @NitinPahare 29 Apr 2019 At 12:30 PM

“Only BJP can save the people of Kashmir from the evil intents of Pakistan, a hidden ally of Abdullah” - Brig. (Retd) Anil Gupta

BJP spokesperson Brig (Retd) Anil Gupta said: “NC voice president Omar Abdullah is perfectly comfortable with Pakistan, but is unhappy because the BJP is assuring the abolition of Article 370, the demand of crore of Indians.” Gupta said that their only hope lies in the BJP. They are sure only BJP can save them from the evil intents of Pakistan, a hidden ally of Abdullah.”

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Nitin Pahare reacted Great @GujaratHealthDept @NitinPahare 29 Apr 2019 At 12:32 PM

‘Orange Alert’ in Gujarat, temperature touches 44 degree C.

The Gujarat Health department has announced an ‘Orange Alert’ for next two days in the State, after seeing the sudden heat wave touching 44 degree celsius. The Municipal body and Meteorological Centre has issued warning of heat in multiple areas of Gujarat, people are suggested not to go out of homes and advised to stay hydrated.

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