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A hand grenade was recovered, later diffused in Srinagar

Recently a grenade was recovered in Jammu and Kashmir and later diffused without any loss of life or property. Police officials have said that they have detected an old hand grenade lying near a CRPF bunker near Barbarshah bridge in the city. Further, the bomb disposal squad was called to the spot, who destroyed on the bund area in Rambagh without causing any kind of loss. Src: https://bit.ly/39HZ0sX


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Food delivery boy opens chain of trousers in front of 21-yr-old woman

Crime against female has just become another norm in this country. This time it was a 21-year-old woman molested by a food delivery boy in Pune. As per the police officials when the woman brought water for the delivery boy, he stood before her and opened the chain of his trousers and made objectionable signs. They have further said that five persons are booked and started an investigation. Src: https://bit.ly/2wFJDm6


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I&B Ministry suspends broadcast of two TV channels for reporting of Delhi violence

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B Ministry) has suspended the broadcast of two Kerala-based news channels, Asianet News and Media One, for 48 hours for their reporting on Delhi violence. An order from the I&B Ministry stated that the channels should have taken utmost care in covering such a crucial incident, and should have reported it in a balanced manner. The order added that such coverage may increase the disharmony of communities across the country when the situation is highly volatile. Src: https://bit.ly/38oQgXm

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