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Do you think Thakor Community banning unmarried girls from using cell-phones is the right decision?

Recently The Thakor community of Gujarat has levied strict rules of banning the cellphones for unmarried girls. These rules are indeed violating a basic "Right to Freedom". The Article 21 says, “No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty". Do you think such rules will hamper the females? Do you think such rules are necessary? Do you think the boys too could have been banned from using mobiles phones? Many such questions have arisen but the most import one is do you think it was the right decision?

Yes, I appreciate the decision.


No, It is absurd.


Rohit Sharma Should Replace Virat Kohli as Team India Captain For 2023 Cricket World Cup: Former Indian Test Cricketer Wasim Jaffer

India after standing at the top of the ICC points table suffered a heart-melting lose against New Zealand in the 1st semifinal. After this event former Indian Test opener, Wasim Jaffer has recently questioned over the captaincy of Virat Kohli. Jaffer has claimed that the vice-captain of Indian cricket team Rohit Sharma would be a perfect choice to lead the team in 2023 World Cup. In his tweet Jaffer said. “Is it time to hand over white ball captaincy to Rohit Sharma? I would like him to lead India in 2023 World Cup”. Although the tweet has mixed response, Do you think Wasim Jaffer has a point? Src: https://bit.ly/2JxFKnj

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I stand with @WasimJaffer

55 votes

I don’t

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ICC CWC Semifinals India against New Zealand: No, MS Dhoni wasn't run-out, controversy arises for a no-ball

The once in a 4-year event, ICC Cricket World Cup has given a very painful memory to all the Indian fans. Amidst all the melancholy, a recent controversy has risen of MS Dhoni being a “Not Out”. According to the ICC fielding restrictions during the 3rd Power Play, only 5 fielders should be allowed inside the inner circle. However, in the picture, six fielders - third man, deep fine leg, deep point, deep square leg, deep mid-wicket, and long-on - are seen outside the circle. Which is a clear violation of the field restriction. Had he been given not out, Do you think MS Dhoni would have won us the semifinals? Many questions have arisen because of poor umpiring. But whatever is done, is done! Now Indians are left with a painful memory. Src: https://bit.ly/2JzwVJX

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I stand with @IndianCricketTeam

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चार बोतल वोडका, काम गुजरात का रोज़ का

Recently 9 more hotels have been allocated the permission to sell liquor in Gujarat. Out of these 9 hotels, 4 are situated in Ahmedabad. Also, from last year the revenue of the Gujarat government from the sale of liquor at licensed outlets has increased four times. According to a government official, it was informed that currently there are 20 hotels in Ahmedabad and state capital, Gandhinagar that have the permit to sell liquor and none of them have been cancelled. With such figures I have a question to ask, Is Gujarat not a dry state anymore?

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I stand with @LiquorBan

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