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Nidhi Sharma voted "Yes" @NidhiSharma94765 06 Aug 2019 At 04:48 AM
Nidhi Sharma stand with @AmitShah @NidhiSharma94765 05 Aug 2019 At 12:30 PM

Massive uproar in Rajya Sabha, as Amit Shah proposes to remove Article 370

Recently the Home Minister, Amit Shah has moved a proposal to revoke the Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir which grants special status to the state. This has not only created massive chaos but also the opposition MPs have started protesting in the Rajya Sabha. Src: https://bit.ly/2Zw2OIB

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I stand with @AmitShah

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I don’t

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Nidhi Sharma doesn't stand with @ResidentDoctors @NidhiSharma94765 01 Aug 2019 At 11:52 AM

Delhi: Resident doctors go on strike to protest the tabling of National Medical Bill in Rajya Sabha

Healthcare services at government hospitals in Delhi are severely hit as resident doctors protest the introduction of the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill in the Rajya Sabha today. Resident doctors will refrain from working as a mark of protest on Thursday and the strike will continue for an indefinite period based on the “anti-poor, anti-student and undemocratic” nature of the Bill being passed in the Rajya Sabha. The Bill was passed on July 29 despite doctors protests across India. According to the medical fraternity, the Bill will lead to deterioration of medical education and the degradation of healthcare services. Src:https://bit.ly/2yu1jis

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I stand with @ResidentDoctors

41 votes

I don’t

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Nidhi Sharma reacted Sad @NidhiSharma94765 01 Aug 2019 At 11:52 AM

potential successor and al-qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's son, Hamza is dead: Reports

Hamza bin Laden, the son of slain al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden who was said to be the successor of his father’s throne is now dead. As per the available information, it hasn’t been identified whether the US has had any part in this killing, or where did he die. During 2011, US Navy SEALS killed Osama bin Laden along with one of his son Khalid in a raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan. In this attack, Hamza had escaped. Src: https://bit.ly/2SUdPkE


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