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Telangana: Panchayat passes resolution to remove sexual predators from village

A Gram Panchayat in Telangana has passed a resolution to banish all sexual predators from the village's surroundings. The landmark decision was implemented in Telangana's Sangareddy district. It ensures the accused will be handed over to the police and stringent action will be taken against them. Village elders claim this will enhance the safety and security of girls and women in their village. In September last year, India became the 9th country to release a National Registry of Sexual Offenders that includes names, photographs, addresses, DNA samples, and fingerprints of convicted sexual offenders. Src:https://bit.ly/2SxZkTn

Apple soon to launch "iPhone 11" with triple cameras

The electronics giant Apple might launch their upcoming phone in September as usual in an Apple event. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max are expected to feature with a triple-camera setup along with a USB Type-C port. Whereas the iPhone 11R will get dual rear-facing cameras. All 3 iPhones will run with iOS 13 which comes with a system-wide dark mode and privacy enhancements, among other features. Src: https://bit.ly/2JMQmyV

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Hyperloop Competition is getting much tougher tweets Elon Musk

Recently the famous entrepreneur who has founded Tesla and SpaceX has announced his future plans concerning hyperloop. Elon Musk had informed that he wants to have a new 10 KM (6 miles) long vacuum tunnel for his futuristic Hyperloop. The competition was announced in 2015 to support students to entice Hyperloop technologies and specifically, the pods (carrier) which can travel at high speed through the tunnels, says media reports. Src: https://tcrn.ch/2Z4Pjjb

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Andhra Pradesh Assembly reserves 75% private jobs for locals

The Andhra Pradesh Assembly has passed a bill that reserves 75% private jobs for locals in all the factories, joint ventures, and industries in the state. With this activity, Andhra Pradesh has become the first state in the country to reserve private jobs for locals. After the Andhra Pradesh Employment of Local Candidates in Industries/Factories Act, 2019 gets implemented in the state, the current industries, joint ventures, factories and projects under Public-private partnership (PPP) model will have to hire 75% locals within three years. Src: https://bit.ly/2y9Thed

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