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Kerala minister Dindigul Sreenivasan asked a tribal boy to remove his slippers

Recently the AIADMK minister Dindigul C Sreenivasan had asked two tribal boys to remove his slippers so that he could enter a temple at the inauguration of a rejuvenation camp for captive elephants, in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. The footage of this incident had also gone viral over the Internet in which, Srinivasan was heard saying, "Come here...come here. Remove my slippers." The boy was also reportedly asked to leave the slippers at the entrance of the temple. Src: https://bit.ly/3bgknmr

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I have made myself 'gaali-proof', says PM Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha

Recently Indian PM Narendra Modi has presented his views over him being immune to the abusing words in the Lok Sabha. Indian PM has said that he has made himself 'gaali-proof' after being abused for 20 years. Narendra Modi took a jibe at Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and said that just like he has made himself 'gaali-proof' in 20 years, he will also strengthen his back in six months to receive blows from any stick. Src: https://bit.ly/3bqOZBU

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10-yr-old girl raped by a man in Jaipur

Another minor, a 10-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a man identified as Raju (36) at the engagement ceremony of her relative in Jaipur. The accused, Raju (36), who had set up a food stall at the function on Sunday night, took the girl to a toilet and raped her. Not able to find her, the girl's parents started looking for her and found her in the toilet. They rushed her to J K Lon hospital and lodged an FIR against an unknown person. Do you think the man should be publicly hanged till death for ruining the girl’s life? Src: https://bit.ly/2u8MvHB

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No document required during NPR exercise: Govt

Union Home Minister Nityanand Rai announced that no documents will be collected while conducting National Population Register data. He further said that providing Aadhaar number during the exercise is only voluntary. The respondent has to provide the information true to the best of his knowledge and belief. No verification will be done to find whose citizenship is doubtful. Talking about CAA, Rai said that no specific instruction has been issued by the Central government regarding the release of migrants from detention centers. Src: https://bit.ly/3987Uzq

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