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"I would have advised Sunil Jajhar against quitting as PPCC President" - Amarinder Singh

Punjab CM Amarinder Singh said that there was absolutely no reason for Jakhar to quit. Singh said, "Other state Congress presidents had quit taking responsibility for the poor performance of the party in their respective states, contrasting their case with that of Jakhar, under whose leadership the Punjab Congress defied all electoral trends at the national level. Singh further added, "In the Lok Sabha elections, despite a pro-BJP wave across the country, Jakhar led the PPCC to a great show, and the state Congress needed him to further strengthen the party's standing in Punjab".

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Naveen Patnaik invites PM Narendra Modi in his swearing-in ceremony.

The BJD sources said, "A special message has been sent to Delhi to invite the PM for the swearing-in ceremony of the new government in Odisha". Invitations have also been sent to leaders of various parties in the state. However, as Patnaik during election campaign gave an open invitation to Modi, the invite to the Modi is significant.


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Delhi government immediate action on closing down coaching institutes operation above fourth floor.

After the Surat fire tragedy, The Delhi Fire Service director has directed to take strict action as per fire safety standards and guidelines to prevent recurrence of such accidents. The order said, "As a precautionary step it is further directed that, in the first phase, all such coaching centers operating in high-rise buildings shall be inspected by the fire service director". The order further added, "He shall take immediate action for closing down the operation of coaching institutes operating above the fourth floor in such buildings in violation of the fire norms".

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BJP is still untouchable: Modi

PM Modi while addressing a rally in Varanasi Constituency said that for a long time political parties were disinterested to tie up with BJP, it was considered untouchable because of ‘created perception’ against it. PM Modi added that Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar worked hard to eradicate untouchability but it has been still deep-rooted as political untouchability and it is growing day by day, “BJP is still considered an untouchable party”, he added.

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