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Where do you stand on the allegation made by AAP on Gautam Gambhir over derogatory posters?

BJP's candidate Gautam Gambhir send a defamation notice to Atishi over the allegation by her that Gautam Gambhir had distributed lakhs of pamphlets that questioned her morals and were full of very objectionable and deeply offensive remarks about her in the constituency.

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I stand with Atishi


"Chowkidar chor hai, it's a beautiful slogan" - Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi had stuck to his chowkidar strategy. At an election rally in Madhya Pradesh's Sihora, Gandhi said: "yeh jo naara hai, bahut pyara hai". Further, he said "When I went to Chhattisgarh, there were some youngsters standing in a corner during a public meeting and the moment when I said chowkidar, they said "chowkidar chor hai." He continued by saying "This is the awaaz from the heart of Hindustan and even the PM has to listen.

Do you stand with @RahulGandhi

I stand with @RahulGandhi

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If PM seat could be received from auction then Mamata and Congress would come with money looted by them: PM Modi strikes at Opposition.

PM Modi while addressing a rally in West Bengal slammed TMC leader Mamata Banerjee. He said, “Didi wants to become PM with few handfuls seats. If the seat of PM could be received by auction then Didi and Congress would have come into the auction with the money looted by them". “Money which came in Saradha and Narada scams would be bought in auction by Didi”, he added.

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I stand with @NarendraModi

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Do you support congress' NYAY scheme?

The Congress Party’s 2019 election manifesto has promised a ‘Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme’ (MIGS), formally called Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY), to five crore ‘poorest families ’ covering 25 crore people by assuring them a guaranteeing minimum income of ₹6,000 per month or ₹72,000 a year. Vote with given option and invite your friends to see results of this poll by sharing it in your circles.