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Goa chief swimming coach charged with rape after photos of him molesting a teen surfaced

A rape case has been filed against the chief coach of Goa state swimming team, who was sacked after photos and a video of him allegedly molesting a minor girl emerged online. The photos of the alleged incident have prompted Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju to promise stringent action against him. "Stringent action will be taken through Sports Authority. Firstly, it's a heinous crime of serious nature so I'll urge the Police to take stringent penal action against the coach urgently," he tweeted. Surajit Ganguly has won 12 medals in international swimming competitions. He is now restricted from being employed anywhere. Src: https://bit.ly/2kvqA8y

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PM Modi: US Sanctions on Russia are no hindrance for expanding Indo-Russian economic ties

PM Modi on Thursday said the sanctions imposed by the US on Russia will not change India's cooperation with Moscow in strategic sectors like energy and defense. "Sanctions are no hindrance for both the countries," Modi said at the 5th Eastern Economic Forum. The prime minister, however, said: "there are a concern and debate in the world over the impact of sanctions against one country on other nations and the overall global economy." Src:https://bit.ly/2ktHuEx

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To Prove that Indian Muslims are not global terrorists: Modi govt's agenda to prevent young Muslim from becoming terrorists

The need to publicize negligible participation of Muslim youths in international terror networks is a part of the Narendra Modi government's strategy for de-radicalization and tackling communal disharmony. This is part of the government's plan to deal with the growing communal divide, which is being used to make young Muslim terrorists. The government's campaign is to tell the world that Indian Muslims are not attracted to ISIS or other global terror groups in a big way. Agencies such as the Intelligence Bureau, state police forces and in some cases, central armed police forces will be used to implement measures aimed at combating radicalization and communal disharmony. Src:https://bit.ly/2ktFHiN

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SC rules that the manner of investigation of an accused is entirely dependent on police, courts should not interfere in it

The investigation into crimes is the "prerogative" of police and courts should not interfere in any stage as this would affect the probe, the Supreme Court said Thursday. The apex court, while denying anticipatory bail to senior Congress leader and former union minister P Chidambaram in the INX Media money laundering case, said it is completely up to the investigating agency to decide the course of the investigation and the judiciary should not interfere unless it is a very rare case. A judicial bench said that unless it is a violation of the law, it is not a court's function to monitor the investigation, agencies themselves would decide the manner of interrogation of accused. Src:https://bit.ly/2kluUav

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