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Kashmir issue does not concern the Muslim community: UAE snubs Pak

After India has scrapped the special status allocated to J&K, Pakistan is turning every single stone to grab the external support and sympathy. As per the media reports, some Pakistani officials have recently sought UAE minister's help but instead, Sheikh Abdullah, the UAE minister himself said that Kashmir is not an issue concerning Muslim Ummah (community) but rather a dispute between Islamabad and New Delhi. Src: https://bit.ly/2kleXkE

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Rajnath Singh: India will not shy away from using force for self-defence

In the backdrop of heightened tensions between India and Pakistan, defense minister Rajnath Singh said on Thursday that India would not shy away from using strength to defend itself. “India has never been an aggressor in its history nor will it ever be. But that does not mean that India would back at using its strength to defend itself,” Singh said in South Korea. He spoke about collective international action to counter terrorism and against those who provide sanctuary to terrorists. Src:https://bit.ly/2kuReOI

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Kabul: Taliban suicide bomber kills at least 10 civilians, 2 NATO troops, while 42 severely injured

On Thursday, a Taliban suicide blast had occurred at the centre of Kabul and took the lives of as many as 10 civilians and 2 NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) soldiers, and 42 were severely injured. Media reports suggested that Taliban has claimed for responsibility for the attack. Till now the American troops who were killed in Afghanistan this year has reached 16 as well. The US government is currently negotiating a deal on a U.S. troop withdrawal in exchange for Taliban security guarantees. Src: https://reut.rs/2k2EI90


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Delhi: man sets his motorbike on fire after police issues challan

After the new motor vehicles law was enforced on the roads, many incidents have arisen where heavy fines were charged for violating the traffic rules. Recently one another incident had occurred in Delhi, where a two-wheeler driver had set his own bike on fire when traffic police had fined him for violating traffic rules. Src: https://bit.ly/2lzzgek

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