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"Rahul Gandhi is a Canon and I am AK-47" - Navjot Singh Sidhu

Navjot Singh Sidhu while addressing a rally said that he just wants to ask Narendra Modi whether he took brokerage in Rafale deal or not. Sidhu said Modi can't debate anywhere in the country. Further, Sidhu said 'Rahul Ji is a major thing', and stated that Rahul is a canon and I am AK-47. Challenging Narendra Modi to debate on 'Na khaunga na khane dunga', Sidhu said that he will quit politics forever if he loses.

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Odisha: Cyclone Fani damaged infrastructure worth rs. 525 cr

The Odisha Housing & Urban Development’s Principal Secretary G Mathi vathanan said that the cyclone has caused loss of Rs. 525 crore infrastructure. He said, "53 urban local bodies severely affected. 291 km of drains, 750 km of roads, 267 culverts have been damaged Other infrastructures like parks, playgrounds, community centres, town halls and others have been badly affected".


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