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"The EC has abdicated its honour" - Congress

After the EC's decision to cut short poll campaign in Bengal after violence took place at Amit Shah's rally in Kolkata, Opposition parties started criticising the poll panel. Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that the EC was known for its impartiality, non-biased attitude. But now the EC has abdicated its honour as it seems to takes order from BJP headquarters.

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Qatar Airways seeks permission from India for additional flights to Doha

During Summers the airfare of the flights connecting Doha increases, Qatar Airways approached Indian Aviation Authorities to ask for a permit to add on more flights on a temporary basis. This move comes amid a reduced number of flight options after Jet Airways temporary suspension. Qatar Airways said that with less number of operational flights passengers either had to choose pricey flights or complicated re-routing.


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Trump Declares National Emergency, called it ’foreign adversaries’ that is threatening US Telecom

President Donald Trump declared an emergency in the US citing business with Foreign tech companies, a risk to National security. The emergency was declared to protect the Country from ’National adversaries’ that are taking advantage of the technology of the Country to threaten the US Communications system. This ban came amid the US campaigned against Chinese manufacturer Huawei over spying concerns.


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"EC is acting under pressure" - Mayawati

BSP chief Mayawati said that EC has delayed the ban on campaigning in West Bengal, but after PM rally gets over before 10 pm today. Why not putting a ban from today morning? EC is acting under pressure which is unfair. Mamata Banerjee, in a planned manner, was targeted by PM Modi and Amit Shah which was very dangerous and biased. This doesn't suit the PM of the country.

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