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Congress lacked “strong action” against Pakistan after 26/11 Mumbai Terror attack: Sushma Swaraj.

Union Minister Sushma Swaraj launched a scathing attack at Congress by saying that the party failed to “strong” retaliate to terrorists after 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. Sushma said, “Even after the attack in which as many as 40 persons belonging to 14 countries died, previous Congress-led government did not isolate the neighbouring country”. Further speaking about the Modi led govt foreign policy, she said," Islamabad had on March 1 protested against the invitation extended to India for a meet of the OIC in Abu Dhabi, but the host country, the United Arab Emirates, rejected Pak’s request”.

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Will drag Rahul to the Court for ‘all Modis are thieves’ statement: Lalit Modi tweets.

Former Indian Premier League Chief officer Lalit Modi lashed out at Congress President Rahul Gandhi over his remark, “All thieves share Modi surname”. Hitting hard at Rahul and Congress, Lalit tweeted that he would take Rahul to UK court and the world knew the reality, who looted the country for 5 decades.

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Sadhvi Pragya is the right Challenger for a person like Digvijay: Ram Madhav

BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav attacked Congress leader Digvijay Singh by saying that Sadhvi Pragya is a ‘perfect’ challenger for him to fight in the Lok Sabha polls. Speaking to media, Madhav said, “Saffron or Hindu terror is a term created by UPA govt. There is no such thing like that”. Defending Sadhvi Pragya, Madhav said, "Some people were wrongfully jailed, the court is looking in the matter. Nobody can question us on the constitutional validity of fielding candidate who has an allegation against her".

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People are smart, they will ask about unfulfilled promises made by Saffron party in 2014: Poonam Sinha after filing nomination.

Samajwadi leader Poonam Sinha (wife of Shatrughan Sinha) after filing nomination from Lucknow told media that, the vote will be cast on the basis of groundwork done in Lucknow rather than on the basis of the popularity of the leader. She further added that people nowadays are smart, they would take an answer from BJP for unfulfilled promises done in 2014.

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