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Kapil Modi doesn't stand with @ShashiTharoor @KapilModi 20 Sep 2019 At 06:51 PM

When PM goes abroad, I want him to be treated with respect: Shashi Tharoor sides with PM Modi

Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor defended PM Modi on his Twitter handle in the wake of the attack against Modi over several issues. Tharoor stated, "We should respect him as he is the Prime Minister of India". Tharoor further tweeted, "As an Opposition MP, I have the right to criticise Narendra Modi's policies, statements, actions and inaction, and expose his failure. But when he goes abroad, he is PM of India and he carries my flag. I want him to be received and treated with the respect due to my country's Prime Minister". This comes a day after former Congress President Rahul Gandhi slammed PM Modi over his upcoming 'Howdy, Modi' community event in the United States. Src: https://bit.ly/2m5C42N

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Kapil Modi reacted Sad @KapilModi 20 Sep 2019 At 06:51 PM

Decomposed body found at Nagarjuna’s farmhouse in Telangana

A skeleton was found in Akkineni Nagarjuna’s farmhouse situated in the outskirts of Hyderabad. The decomposed body was identified as a man, Chakali Pandu, 30 who committed suicide in 2016. Chakali Pandu allegedly committed suicide in a small house in N-Agro farms which is spread over 50 acres. A case of death under suspicious circumstances was registered yesterday at Kashmpet police station of Cyberabad Police Commissionerate after which the probe was initiated. Src:https://bit.ly/2lXYALg


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Kapil Modi doesn't stand with @HarshVardhanShringla @KapilModi 20 Sep 2019 At 06:52 PM

Pak PM can't accept J&K developing again: Indian envoy in op-ed

Indian Ambassador to the United States Harsh Vardhan Shringla has written an opinion piece for New York Times slamming Pakistan PM Imran Khan, "Pakistan has a vested interest in preventing prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir, and in the Ladakh area of Kashmir, because a weak economy fuels separatist sentiments in some quarters”. Shringla further responded to an op-ed published by Pakistan PM Imran Khan in the American Daily, Shringla stated, "This fits into Pakistan's larger strategy of using terrorism as a political tool. This is a country whose fingerprints are on terrorist strikes across the world and that was home to Osama Bin Laden in his last days. So it also opposed repeal of Article 370, which legitimised discrimination and hindered economic progress". Src: https://bit.ly/2krsuaa

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Kapil Modi doesn't stand with @SIT @KapilModi 20 Sep 2019 At 07:16 PM

Swami Chinmayanand confesses of taking nude massages from Law student: UP Special Investigation Team

Special Investigation Team who are investigating BJP leader Swami Chinmayanand over rape charged posted against him by a Law student in UP. The SIT stated that BJP leader has accepted about getting massages from a girl in a nude position but has denied rape charges. The officials also there has been a telephonic conversation between the girl and Swami for over 200 times since January of this year. Swami Chinmayanand has been arrested and booked under section 376 C (Sexual intercourse by a person in authority), 354 D (Stalking), 342 (Wrongful confinement) and 506 (Criminal intimidation) according to the SIT. Src: https://bit.ly/2lZnGt4

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