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"I do not consider him (Modi) the country's PM, I will speak to the next PM" - Mamata Banerjee rejects Centre's help

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, rejecting aid from the Centre in the aftermath of cyclone Fani, said "I do not consider him (Modi) the country's PM, hence I did not sit for the meeting with him on Cyclone Fani. I do not want to be seen on the same platform with him. I will speak to the next PM. We ourselves can take care of cyclone damage. We do not need the Centre's help ahead of polls." Banerjee further said "You call me a 'Tolabaj'. If I am a Tolabaj, from top to bottom, you are covered by the blood of the people affected by riots. I have shed blood for the people. What have you done, Narendra Modi? You are covered in the blood of riot victims from top to bottom."

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"You speak bad about me and I will still send you love" - Rahul Gandhi slams PM Modi for remarks against father

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday expressed astonishment over PM Modi's comment against his father Rajiv Gandhi. Addressing an election rally at Chandni Chowk Parliamentary Constituency, Gandhi said "You speak bad about me and I will still send you love. Say whatever you want to, but keep one thing in mind that I hugged you in the Parliament last year and that thug will now destroy you on May 23." Gandhi further accused Modi of taking away the money from the pockets of the poor and handing it over to Anil Ambani. "Now that he has been caught, he has now come up with a new idea of calling himself 'Chowkidar'. Rather than protecting people, you looted them and filled the pocket of Anil Ambani."

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Akshay Kumar donates Rs. 1 Cr. to Odisha Cyclone victims.

Actor Akshay Kumar recently donated Rs. 1 Crore to CM relief fund in Odisha after Cyclone devastated the state. Cyclone Fani made mass destruction in Odisha. The Padman actor had actively participated in helping out the country during a crisis by contributing funds. The film industry source said to the media, “This is not new. Akshay has always been contributing for causes, be it his Bharat ke Veer initiative for the armed forces, or his contribution to the Kerala Floods or Chennai floods earlier".